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God down under: A year with an Aussie traveller

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Image of God down under: A year with an Aussie traveller

We look, we search, we wonder. But how do we interpret what we see? What perceptual lens do we use to construct an understanding of our experience? Is there a way of seeing through something to a deeper level; of recognising something beyond the obvious stimuli presented to our senses; of interpreting data from within the paradigm of the greater whole? Through a survey of the vast landscape which is Australia, this book attempts to do exactly that – to bring greater understanding to our daily experience by seeing the creation through the diffused rays of its Creator. Each one of the 365 daily readings has three components. Reflections are followed by a related passage from the Bible which is then followed by a prayer. Each reflection is offered as a thought-provoker; each Scriptural passage as a light intended to further illuminate the insights proffered; and each prayer as a direct response to the Divine.

ISBN: 978-0-6452860-0-7
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ark House Press
Publication Date: 2021 (reprint)
Pages: 391
Category: Christian Reflective Devotional Travelogue

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